Sunday, July 27, 2014

Entry One

Hello :D

This Blog will be most likely completely random, basically where ever the wind blows me. :D I have never done an actual blog, besides Livejournal... which was friends only, and way too personal for a public blog.

So we shall see how this goes.
Quick little intro into me...29 year young woman from Upstate New York. I love arts and crafts, makeup and beauty products or treatments. I also love books and movies. I have an obsession with music, and have a wide range of a collection. So i guess my blogs will be about these things and many others.

I currently just started Knitting with a Loom, and looking into going back to school part time soon. Should be interesting.

Things I would like to work on or start this year, playing the piano, my health, and volunteering more.

I am an aunt of two adorable children, Maggie (7)and Joey (8 months). They are my favorite people in this world, and i love to spend time with them.

That is all for today. If you are reading this, do leave a comment letting me know who you are! I love meeting people :D

Have a wonderful day 
xoxo, Andy

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