Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Blog, what are you?

 Out of nowhere I decided to start this blog, and I find the hardest part is finding what I want the blog to be about or labeling it. By that I mean what kind of blog is it, when asked me to label my blog, I had no clue what to put. I know it is a silly worry, but at the same time I don't know. I have yet to decide what this blog will be about. 

So with that said, I will explain instead why I wanted to start a blog, and maybe from there I can find its identity. I wanted to create it because I want to try new things. You read blogs and you see all the fun things others are doing whether it be diy, different hobbies, or  going on adventures. And you think, I would like to do that.  I have always found myself to be interested in many things at once, but not giving myself the opportunity to try these interests out.

I have decided to use this blog as my push. A push to learn and experience different things. I will live life more. I feel its about time I do something, and by something I mean a lot of somethings.

I have always been a terrible cook, but a big fan of eating. So I find myself wanting to try to cook, and learn different recipes. I also wish I read more, I like reading and probably read 4 books a year which to me is a mediocre amount of reading. I enjoy making things, painting, traveling, volunteering, diy projects, concerts, learning, yet I never seem to do any of these things as much as I would like. I could go on and on about the things I want to do, and I will... as I make myself do them. So I guess that in a nut shell is what this is about, me doing things. I will pick things to do, and then bring you along for the ride. 

 I guess this blog is about something. Overall it is about life, experiencing  and sharing it to the best of my ability. It wont be a personal diary or anything like that, but I will share my experiences and what I have learned from them. Posting handy tips, recipes, and reviews along the way. Hopefully bringing you new things to try. 

I hope you not only enjoy reading this blog, but I also help it inspires you to try something new, anything. 

Have a wonderful day 
xoxo, Andy

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Monday, July 28, 2014

August to do list...

With the month of august right around the corner, I thought it would be fun make a to do list of 5 things I will do or complete in the month of august.

1. Loosing 10 pounds. I am not happy with my current weight, and I have a long way to go to my dream weight, but I figure 10 pounds is a good start to working towards my goal.Obviously to get to that goal I will need to work out and eat healthy which is another goal I have been working on. Which Leads me into my next goal...

2. Walking 45 miles in 30 days.I was recently diagnosed with Lymph-edema in my lower legs. I have to wrap them every day and currently I find it hard to walk for long distances, but I use to walk 3 miles a day, almost every day last summer, so I figure if I aim to walk 15 days out of the month and do the 3 miles... I can reach my goal. :D

3. Finish reading 3 books. I am a big fan of reading, but unfortunately I don't always read as much as I would like. If i set a goal to read more, it will help push me. Plus it would be fun to rate the book for you guys, and have some recommendations for my readers.

4. Review 5 Albums. I have an obsession with music, but worse I have an addiction of buying music Yet in the last year I have not really given any of the albums I have bought the proper chance they deserve. So I will work on listening to them at least 5 times each, all the way through (not working on other things, other than working out) and review them for you guys.

5. 3 Day Trips.With my recent diagnosis and my legs being out of whack the last year, my usual summer day trips/adventures have been severely lacking. I have been itching to go on some, and I think its about time I put on my adventure panties and go out there and enjoy this summer.

So I will keep you updated on how this to do list is coming along. I am looking forward to getting started tomorrow after work. Side note, am I the only one who is addicted to law and order? Both my Mom and I are addicted, I believe we may have seen every single episodes at-least twice. It may be a problem. 

What kind of activities do you love to do in the summer? What are some goals you have for the month of August? If you have any suggestions of Books I should read, albums to review, or fun summer activities I should do, let me know in the comments. 

Hope you all have a glorious week! 
Have a wonderful day 
xoxo, Andy


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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Entry One

Hello :D

This Blog will be most likely completely random, basically where ever the wind blows me. :D I have never done an actual blog, besides Livejournal... which was friends only, and way too personal for a public blog.

So we shall see how this goes.
Quick little intro into me...29 year young woman from Upstate New York. I love arts and crafts, makeup and beauty products or treatments. I also love books and movies. I have an obsession with music, and have a wide range of a collection. So i guess my blogs will be about these things and many others.

I currently just started Knitting with a Loom, and looking into going back to school part time soon. Should be interesting.

Things I would like to work on or start this year, playing the piano, my health, and volunteering more.

I am an aunt of two adorable children, Maggie (7)and Joey (8 months). They are my favorite people in this world, and i love to spend time with them.

That is all for today. If you are reading this, do leave a comment letting me know who you are! I love meeting people :D

Have a wonderful day 
xoxo, Andy